What we do

Renaissance Financial has the experience, expertise and flexibility to provide investment and wealth management services that are tailored to meet your unique financial objectives.

We believe in:
  • Being transparent and providing clear, straight-forward advice
  • Understanding our clients’ unique circumstances
  • Delivering excellence in communication and service

Our team

We build long-standing relationships to achieve the best financial outcome for our clients and their families.

Our services

Our integrated approach to your investment, pension, tax and estate planning needs will ensure you achieve your financial objectives.

Protecting and growing your family’s finances

We understand the peace of mind that comes from preparing for your family's future. Our investment and wealth management services are tailored to meet your unique financial objectives.


We work with Trustees to ensure that assets held in a Trust are safe and secure for the beneficiaries and to maximise the income and growth on them.

Inheritance Tax

We help clients carry out estate planning effectively, and work with you to explore the different ways it might be possible to reduce your Inheritance Tax liability.

Retirement Planning

We will help you explore how you can best plan for retirement, including how much to save and when, and at what age you can start taking your money.

"Had I known how straightforward and user-friendly the service would be, and that the fees were so reasonable for what I needed, I would have done it long ago. It is really worth it for the peace of mind it brings. I would really recommend Renaissance Legal to anyone in a similar position..."

M Rosewear

"Philip and the team at RL are polite, courteous, friendly and welcoming.  You feel special as a client and you feel looked after.  He thoroughly understood our needs and met those needs in a very professional way.  You are valued and everything is explained in an easy manner and you don't feel that it is condescending..."

Mr & Mrs Slugocki

"My sister and I have a brother with learning difficulties whose problems have been compounded by redundancy and a diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis at the age of 63. Our family have never made a claim for my brother as we have supported him to be independent..."

Mrs R